Product Life Cycle Management…

Our work accompanies the life-cycle stages of products and technologies at client companies.

Discovery & Exploration of Market Needs!

• Macro Environment Studies (e.g. "Diseases States in 15+ years)
• Unmet Healthcare Needs (medical and economic)
• Retrospective clinical and Economic Outcome Studies (HEOR)

Product Design & Development

• Voice of Customer
• Market Requirements
• Customer Satisfaction
• Trade-off (conjoint) approaches
• Focus Groups and On-Line concept studies
• Moderated Advisory Sessions

Technology & Product Alignment

• Technology Strategy
• Adjacent and New Markets
• Product Strategy
• Adjacent and New Products
• Improvements or Next Gen
• Benchmark Studies

Market Segmentation & Focus

• Market Opportunity Assessment
• Competitive Landscape
• Market Segmentation Development
• Segmentation Sizing

Commercialization & Execution

• Sales and Marketing Messages
• Head-to-Head Performance Studies and White Papers
• Relationship Satisfaction
• Role of Product Service and Support

Investment Decisions

• Business Models
• Revenue Forecasts
• Pricing - Value-based and Cost-based
• Investment Decision Support
• Return on Investment

Corporate & Business Unit Strategy Support

• Strategy Development
• Organic and Inorganic
• Innovation Support
• Novel Products and Markets
• Gap and Risk Analysis

We provide clients information for three key factors:

  1. The current environment for their business and the drivers of change
  2. Actions available to sustain and grow the business for the strategic term
  3. The work required to drive each product to reach its market potential.

By these means we validate the clinical relevance on one hand and the goals of R&D or investment proposals on the other.

On the Medical Side…

We follow new developments in medicine and diagnostics in the major medical therapy areas: Oncology, Infectious Diseases, Cardiovascular Diseases, Gastroenterology, Central Nervous System Diseases, Urology, Immunology, Endocrine & Metabolics, Respiratory, Critical Care Medicine, Emergency Care Medicine, Hematology.

We also follow the human microbiomes.

We track current practice and new advances in diagnostics and therapeutics in the hospital sector, physician office care, and other segments ranging from urgent care to home care. We identify and explore unmet medical needs.

We conduct clinical studies, both retrospective and prospective, to determine the intrinsic value of a new diagnostic test. This valuation estimates outcomes improvements, cost savings, and quality of care improvements that a new technology could deliver. In the past ten years we have carried out such studies for a new cardiac marker, a set of markers that could advance the triaging of patients in Emergency Department medicine, hospital acquired infections, new sepsis diagnostic tests and the prevalence of multi drug resistant organisms in a multi-site healthcare network.

We carry out research worldwide supported by academic and clinical experts in all major medical indication areas, and leading academic research centers. As a result, over the years we have assembled a worldwide database of physicians, laboratory experts, healthcare executives, and operational managers from healthcare networks, academic research institutions, reference laboratories and physician groups. Our research network (click here to join) now covers 47 countries, close to 14,000 institutions and over 38,000 individuals.

EAC built a proprietary forecasting tool that is driven by a database of 120+ of the largest in-vitro diagnostics companies in the market today. EAC’s IVDMARKETREACH is an interactive, customizable modeling tool that provides in-depth analysis of these companies. The tool is built using historical revenue data and educated projections for public and private IVD companies worldwide.  It spans a broad range of disciplines across the diagnostics industry, organized by region, by segment and in summary. The tool can be customized by the user to change forecast assumptions, allowing companies to analyze and assess scenarios of interest.

To view EAC’s IVDMARKETREACH tool, click here

Disciplines Covered Include:

  • Anatomic Pathology
  • Blood Screening – Immunoassays
  • Blood Screening – Molecular
  • Critical Care
  • Immunoassay
  • Urinalysis
  • Clinical Chemistry
  • Clinical Flow Cytometry
  • Whole Blood Glucose Monitoring
  • Clinical Molecular
  • Coagulation
  • Hematology
  • Immunochemistry
  • Immunohematology
  • Microbiology

*POC/POL includes cardiac markers, HbA1c, coagulation, hematology, chemistry, rapid immunoassay, critical care, urinalysis, and rapid molecular testing

On the Technology Side…

We help companies make better decisions by delivering key insights and information on the core business activities that drive growth and profitability. We exercise our thirty years of experience to cover diagnostic products and services in the central laboratory as well as the decentralized, point of care domain.

We work on growth strategies; we determine market sizes, define the competitive landscape, carry out market segmentation exercises, study market trends, describe market access, and carry out a global and regional market opportunity assessments.  In appropriate cases we go on to evaluate available business models and support merger and acquisition decisions.

We work on new products and services, as well as the connectivity and IT components required to support new products. We assess a product’s potential to address medical needs as measured by clinical outcome improvements, accuracy, timeliness, ease of use, and cost effectiveness. We work to define new product requirements, often applying a disciplined conjoint analysis to measure tradeoffs and determine preference shares. We conduct “Voice of the Market” research to provide a fact-based foundation for our recommendations.

We develop mathematical market models to support investment decisions in products and technologies. We build global market models for clients with worldwide sales with complex, multi-line product portfolios. It is not usual for such a market model to cover regions (North America, Europe, Middle East, Pacific Rim, and Latin America) or specific markets (e.g. US, Germany, Brazil, Australia, China, Japan).

We work on new technologies. In some technology cases our involvement begins early in the life of a new venture spun off by a large university. We utilize our capability to carry out large retrospective clinical outcome studies to determine intrinsic value for new technology. Our largest such study, completed in 2017 started by analyzing 900,000 patient records with the goal of finding the patient population most likely to benefit from a new infectious disease diagnostic technology. Other projects reviewed 35,000-130,000 patient records to describe the patient care pathway, determine where a new diagnostic would be most effective in shortening length of stay, improving overall outcomes and ultimately what the intrinsic value of the new diagnostic might be and what the manufacturer’s share might be. As an example, such a retrospective study led to a client decision to develop the technology, and we continued our support in the next stages of prospective clinical studies, and multi-center clinical studies. The product received FDA approval in 2017. Such studies provide the foundation for further investment decisions, expected clinical usage and adoption rates, and ultimately pricing strategies.