Thirty years of experience has given EAC expansive breadth of knowledge in healthcare.  We have scientific and market expertise in diagnostic technologies, disease states, wellness, healthcare delivery settings, and animal health.

Diagnostic Technologies

We assist our clients in their alignment of specimen type with the technology that provides the highest resolution for the most cost effective solution:

  • Next Generation Sequencing (NGS)
  • PCR and other nucleic acid amplification technologies (NAAT)
  • Technologies for Rare Cell capture and analysis
  • Molecular imaging
  • Proteomics and high-resolution image capture and analysis
  • Anatomic and Digital Pathology
  • In-Situ Hybridization (FISH, CISH)
  • Microfluidic, miniaturization and molecular technologies for point-of-care applications
  • Rapid immunoassay technologies (e.g. immunochromatography)
  • Mass Spectrometry
  • Core Laboratory methods: hematology and digital morphology, chemistry, immunoassay, microbiology, coagulation, urinalysis, flow cytometry
  • Methods in laboratory automation; pre-analytics, post-analytics, automated storage
  • IT and analytics; process control, middleware, business intelligence and reporting

Disease States and Wellness

We work with clients to understand the patient care pathway and align technology capabilities to best address population screening, initial diagnosis, risk assessment, disease prognosis, therapy optimization, therapy monitoring, and the assessment of recurrence risk.

We apply this support over the major disease states, including:

  • Acute medicine: emergency medicine, intensive care, surgery, trauma, including traumatic brain injury, burns, infectious disease, and sepsis
  • Chronic disease management: diabetes, cardiovascular, neurologic, and cancer
  • Wellness: nutrition and microbiome

Healthcare Delivery Settings

These EAC capabilities and tools are highly relevant for clients who serve stand-alone institutions, academic, community and primary care domains which are pressed to practice never-ending risk management and provide value-based care.

We support the work of clients, to serve the diagnostic requirements, across the care-continuum from acute care (inpatient hospital settings) to decentralized sites (near patient and point of care), to home care:

  • Acute: In-patient settings, hospitals including Emergency and Critical Care medicine, skilled nursing, and long term care
  • Non-acute: Physician offices (primary and specialty care), urgent care, retail clinics, mall medicine and pharmacies,
  • Public (such as NHS, NICE, Triple A and Double A) and private (stand-alone and networked institutions)
  • Reference and Private Laboratories

Animal Health

We have understanding and experience in analyzing and highlighting efficiencies in companion and production animal health. In production animals we provided consulting support for a client in poultry feed additives sector; in a four-year project aimed at defining (a) diagnostic technologies for the early detection of bacterial, viral and fungal infections in chicken flocks, (b) measurement metrics for feed efficiency and feed optimization, and (c) a predictive modeling in poultry production.