Olivier Jarry

Head of EAC Pharma Practice

Olivier has been partnering with EAC for the last three years, bringing his unique pharma background to EAC’s diagnostic practice.  Olivier leverages 30 years of passion improving health and living standards throughout Western and Eastern Europe, the Americas, and Asia to create sustainable programs in the Life Sciences, Consumer Health, Nutrition, and Pharma industries.

At Novartis, Olivier designed and implemented new business models to improve access to medicines and nutrition. In Mexico, he and his team designed a new line of affordable baby nutrition products to be sold in rural areas. In India, he led the piloting and implementation of a completely new, for-profit, commercialization channel to rural areas, featuring an adapted portfolio (Rx, OTC), some redesigned products, frequent awareness and screening sessions in thousands of villages, and the upgrading of local capabilities of distributors, pharmacists and physicians. This business turned profitable as planned and is now covering 50 million villagers.  At Bayer Diabetes, Olivier coordinated the successful launch of 5 new products in a year (previously, the division was launching a new product every few years). Included was a unique handheld hemoglobin A1c meter, quickly a best seller for self-use in the US and changing the habits of HCPs in emerging markets.

Olivier has advanced degrees in business from NYU Stern School of business, London School of Economics and Political Science and HEC in Paris.

Contact Olivier: ojarry@eacorp.com