Michelle Keane

Senior Consultant

Michelle has 20 years of experience developing and managing global research studies for clients in the diagnostics industry. Her research program designs and execution have provided critical input toward the of research experience she has assisted clients in the development of new products, the enhancement of existing products, establishing the appropriate pricing structures and levels, and brand positioning branding products. She has experience in organized respondent panels to collect consistent feedback over time for product development studies and as well as setting has set up systems to monitor customer satisfaction and retention rates over time.

Most recently, Michelle has mined extensive patient data sets to support product development and market sizing, exercises for EAC locate hot spots of infection in hospitals and triangulate points of deterioration in patient’s health during hospital stays. She is skilled in mathematical and statistical analysis, database design and management, as well as conducting web-based surveys.

Michelle’s areas of expertise include infection prevention, healthcare associated infections, sepsis diagnostics, infectious disease and diagnostic testing in the core lab and at the point-of-care (POC). Further, she managed and published EAC’s last multi-client quantitative reports on POC testing and US based Physician Office study.

Michelle received her BS from Fordham University in New York and her MBA from Mercy College.

Contact Michelle: mkeane@eacorp.com