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    Enterprise Analysis Corporation (EAC) is a strategic healthcare consulting firm operating at the intersection of the diagnostics and pharmaceutical industries.

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    We provide essential guidance in the fields of diagnostics, biopharmaceuticals, life sciences, bioinformatics, food-chain optimization, and animal health and nutrition.

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    Providing essential guidance to the fields of diagnostics, biopharmaceuticals, life sciences and bioinformatics.

Since its inception in 1987, EAC, by design, has been different from other consulting firms. We are passionate about our reputation for excellence and about putting our clients and relationships first. For more than 25 years EAC has provided in-depth, quality service to industry leaders around the world. Our results are based on deep domain knowledge, coupled with modeling and analytic tools, and framed by long standing alliances. We don't compromise on quality, attention, or discretion.

For more than 25 years, EAC has undertaken proprietary, fact-based market analyses and developed a cumulative data warehouse. We utilize expert staff and an integrated consulting network to give senior-level executives from client organizations a better insight into emerging and future trends, as well as consolidated thinking on past events.

Our state-of-the-art services include select expert advice, valuation models, retrospective studies, decision trees, bioinformatics, confidential primary and secondary market research, and professional panel reviews, to bring a full view of a given opportunity to our clients.

EAC Attends AACC 2015

EAC Attends!

    Meet Susan Farber, Gerard Conti, Mark Hughes, and Michelle Keane at AACC 2015 in Atlanta Georgia.

    AACC, Atlanta, GA - July 26-30, 2015