Bridging Clinical Medicine and Diagnostic Science

EAC utilizes its deep expertise in diagnostics to bridge clinical medicine and diagnostic technology. On one side, we follow medicine to paint an accurate picture that we can provide to IVD companies of unmet medical needs or the possible impact of a new technology. On the other side, we translate the possible medical advantages and performance impact of new technologies to clinicians.

EAC is a strategic healthcare consulting company that provides business development and research services to technology developers in both the in vitro and in vivo domains, as well as to life science enterprises and pharmaceutical companies.

In our 30 years of operation, we have delivered over 1400 projects to 160 client companies serving the US, Europe, Japan, China, Brazil, and other markets of the world. We have expertise across the spectrum of diagnostic technologies, disease and wellness states, and healthcare delivery settings in both human and animal health.

Our clients tell us we are fast, nimble, and easy to work with. We know their language and their environment. They get what they ask for and they have confidence in the answers.


Our Work

We help companies make better decisions because we deliver unique insights on the core business activities that drive growth and profitability.  We help companies answer three key questions:

      What is the relevant business environment how it is changing?

      What steps can be taken to sustain and grow the business for the longest term?

      What specific actions are required to drive each product to reach its market potential?

EAC creates a custom answer for every project by evaluating:

  • Market sizes, trends, accessibility, and competitive landscapes
  • A product’s potential to address unmet medical needs as measured by accuracy, timeliness, ease of use, and cost effectiveness
  • New applications for existing or emerging technologies
  • Business models, market segments, and pricing strategies
  • Investment decisions in products, companies, and technologies.

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Our Reach

Thirty years of experience has given EAC expansive breadth of knowledge in healthcare.  We have scientific and market expertise in:


The optimized alignment and higher resolution of specimen types across the breadth of detection technologies

  • Traditional: hematology, chemistry, immunoassay, microbiology, anatomic pathology, coagulation
  • Cellular: molecular, sequencing, ISH
  • Non-traditional: mass spec, proteomics, microfluidics, high resolution image capture and analysis
  • Automation and intelligence that supports each technology

Disease and Wellness States: screening, diagnosing, optimizing treatment, monitoring efficacy, assessing recurrence

  • Acute: infectious disease and sepsis, surgery, trauma including traumatic brain injury (TBI), burns
  • Chronic: diabetes, cardiovascular, neurologic, oncology
  • Well-being: nutrition, microbiome
  • Population health management

Delivery Settings: The care-continuum from acute care (inpatient hospital settings) to decentralized sites (near patient and point of care)

  • Acute: Hospitals including Emergency and Critical Care medicine, skilled nursing and long term care
  • Non-acute: Physician offices (primary and specialty care), urgent care, retail clinics, mall medicine and pharmacies
  • Public and private institutions worldwide

Animal Health: feed efficiency and optimization, predictive model in poultry production, diagnostic tools for companion animals

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Our Skills and Tools

Our assets are our industry-grown staff and our global network of experienced healthcare professionals.   We represent a collective experience of virtually every diagnostic domain and disease state. Our newest employees come to us with biomedical engineering and advanced math skills. Our senior staff has held marketing, manufacturing, and scientific positions in the largest industry vendors.

We are fast, accurate and responsive because we know the language of diagnostics. Projects are intentionally structured to deliver in 2 weeks to 6 months, allowing our clients to make timely decisions.  We understand that science, markets and medicine change too quickly to delay decisions. 

Proprietary Assets

  • EAC maintains a global database of subject area experts, academic and community-based medical providers, and investment decision makers.
  • EAC maintains IVDMARKETREACH, a database of corporate activities (from newly formed innovations companies to the multi-billion dollar market leaders) which covers historical, and current revenues, five-year revenue projections, and the products and services of more than 500 companies.

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Our clients tell us they are confident in our work and our industry projections.  We are quoted regularly in industry publications, and we publish white papers and reports on key industry topics.

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Our Team